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------- Pure Water Window Cleaning -------

Cleaning windows is a big and tiring job and most of us don't have the time or energy after a hard days work to start scrubbing windows clean. Give us a try, our Pure Water streakless window service will really lighten a room or keep that professional image that you worked so hard to obtain.

Pure water window cleaning is a genius innovation in window cleaning. There are no chemicals or detergents required. A soft brush and filtered water removes the built up grime and dirt from the windows. Then a careful rinse using our Unger pure water filter and the glass dries completely streak free.

Unger Pure water cleaning is the most advanced glass cleaning of all time. The Unger nLite system can be used to clean glass and building facades, stainless steel, solar panels, signage and vehicles. Its extremely low weight and ergonomics are unmatched and reach to a height of up to 20m.

Whether you are preparing for the holidays or spring cleaning let us take care of this tedious task. From sun rooms showers, skylights, home windows and store fronts, we do it all. This is a service that is included in our commercial cleaning as often business' require windows to be cleaned outside normal work hours.

Clean windows can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of a home and is always an essential element in the appearance of your business. We can make a positive change to any mirrors you have in the home or business too.


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